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Innovative Solutions for Advanced Chemistry Research

At Mason Technology, we support scientists with advanced equipment and technical services for all chemistry research areas. Partnering with leading brands such as BUCHI, Buchiglas, Huber, Mettler Toledo, and Shimadzu, we provide cutting-edge instruments that drive innovation and precision in your laboratory.

Our offerings enhance accuracy, efficiency, and innovation across key stages of research: sample preparation, chemical synthesis, product purification, analysis and characterisation, data analysis and reporting, and process development and scale-up. Whether for small-scale lab projects or industrial production, our tailored products ensure you achieve reliable results every time.

Innovative Solutions for Advanced Chemistry Research from Mason Technology
Chemical Research Solutions - Sample Preparation

Sample Preparation

Precise and high-quality equipment to prepare samples for analysis and experimentation.

Chemical Research Solutions - Chemical Synthesis

Chemical Synthesis

Specialised equipment to create new compounds through controlled chemical reactions.

Chemical Research Solutions - Product Purification

Product Purification

Advanced equipment to separate and purify chemical compounds to ensure high purity and quality.

Chemistry Research Solutions - Data Analysis and Reporting

Data Analysis and Reporting

Software and analytical tools to process, analyse, and present research data effectively.

Supporting key areas of Chemistry Research:

Analytical Chemistry

Equip your lab with analytical instruments for precise identification and quantification of chemical substances.

Our range includes tools to enhance quality control, environmental monitoring, and clinical diagnostics.

Organic Chemistry

Discover our advanced solutions for synthesising and analysing carbon-containing compounds.

From drug discovery to material development, our equipment supports pioneering research in pharmaceuticals, polymers, and agrochemicals.

Inorganic Chemistry

Our instruments for inorganic chemistry facilitate the study of metals, minerals, and organometallic compounds.

Enhance your research in catalysis, materials science, and bioinorganic chemistry with our high-performance tools.

Physical Chemistry

Delve into the physical principles underlying chemical phenomena with our precision instruments.

We offer solutions that advance your understanding of thermodynamics, kinetics, and quantum mechanics in chemical systems.


Equip your lab with the tools needed to explore the chemical processes within living organisms.

Our products support research in medical sciences, biotechnology, and agricultural chemistry, driving innovation in biomolecular studies and enzymatic reactions.

Environmental Chemistry

Address environmental challenges with our comprehensive range of instruments for analysing pollutants and developing sustainable practices.

Our solutions help you conduct research on pollution control, climate change, and resource management.

Materials Chemistry

Innovate with our cutting-edge equipment designed for the development of new materials.

From electronics to nanotechnology and energy storage, our tools enable the creation of advanced materials with specific properties and applications.

Our Partners in Chemistry Research:

Mason Technology Partners in Chemistry Research BUCHI Buchiglas Huber Mettler Toledo Shimadzu
Innovative Solutions for Advanced Chemistry Research from Mason Technology

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