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New Product: Buchi launches Sepiatec SFC Systems

Sepiatec SFC Systems – The Green Standard for Fast Compound Isolation

Our partner BUCHI has added Sepiatec SFC, its first Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC) system, to its preparative chromatography portfolio. Thanks to smart system design and substantial reductions in organic solvent use, the Sepiatec SFC line enables a more efficient and eco-friendly purification performance.

“With growing economic and environmental concerns, purification labs are under increasing pressure to work, greener, faster and cheaper,” said Dr. Ruedi Hartmann, Director Business Areas & Vertical Markets at BUCHI Labortechnik. “Many are turning to SFC as an alternative to traditional prep HPLC, mainly due to the use of carbon dioxide as an alternative to organic solvents. SFC can drastically reduce the use of expensive, hazardous, and environmentally harmful mobile phases while still achieving shorter run times and high separation efficiency for many types of compounds.”

There is evidence that the SFC method is significantly faster than prep HPLC. Because supercritical fluids used as mobile phases have a low viscosity, this type of chromatography has shorter run times. High separation efficiency is easily attained, enabling increased loading capacity and quick injection cycle times, further accelerating the process. Faster solvent disposal and recovery also save time.

“As SFC grows in popularity, BUCHI has introduced a new line of SFC instruments with convincing features to encourage beginners and satisfy advanced users,” added Dr. Hartmann. “By combining usability and flexibility in the market’s smallest SFC system, we hope to make SFC accessible to everyone.”

Numerous applications are possible thanks to the Sepiatec SFC instruments’ versatile design. Operators are free to tailor their system to their needs thanks to a wide range of pump flow rates, column sizes, and lengths, compatibility with UV, ELSD, and MS detection, options for stack or multiple injections, fraction collection without volume restrictions, and the ability to run the system on a benchtop or in a fume hood.

The preparative chromatography products offered by BUCHI now include the Sepiatec SFC product line. BÜCHI Labortechnik AG continues to assist customers in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and biotechnological industries in their efforts to maximise efficiency while achieving the highest compound purity with systems for flash chromatography & prep HPLC, chromatography columns, cartridges, and accessories.

This blog was based on an article by Buchi. Click here for the full article and additional information.

About Mason Technology and BUCHI

BUCHI is a leading solution provider in laboratory technology for R&D, Quality Control and production worldwide, and their products stand for innovation, robustness, and ease of use. In a partnership that has been in place for quarter of a century, Mason Technology is the exclusive distributor of BUCHI laboratory products in Ireland.

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Michael Kervick is a sales manager with specialist knowledge of the BUCHI range of products and their applications.  Get in touch with Michael today if you would like further information on the BUCHI Sepiatec SFC Systems.

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