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Gas Chromatography – Helium vs Hydrogen enhancing your chromatography

Gas Chromatography Theory & Principles – Helium vs Hydrogen enhancing your chromatography

In 2022, our partners Shimadzu, have been sharing monthly webinars on the topic of Gas Chromatography.

This is the twelfth of our 2022 – GC series of webinars on the fundamentals of gas chromatography (GC). The series is perfect for anyone currently using GC, who’d like to understand more about the technique, the hardware and the data produced. It’s also suitable for anyone new to GC and who’d like to understand more about it.


This session will cover a few interesting topics including:

  • Making the gas switch – cost and availability rationale
  • Helium conservation
  • Hydrogen hesitation and safety
  • Method conversion tools
  • GC control modes
  • Comparison of various carrier gases
  • Gas generators: – safety and benefits; – cylinder or generator
  • GC and GCMS performance

If you want more information on analytical instrumentation offered by Mason technology check our Mason Technology resources for GC systems.

For information on Shimadzu instrumentation: 

Sebastian Jurek is an application consultant with Mason Technology with specialist knowledge in the Shimadzu range of instrumentation. He holds more than 22 years experience in chromatography techniques and analytical method development, optimisation and troubleshooting.

Get in touch with Sebastian today if you would like further information on our range of Shimadzu products.

Sebastian-Jurek-application-consultant-with-Mason-TechnologySebastian Jurek
Application Consultant for Shimadzu Chromatography
E:      sjurek@masontec.ie
M:     +353 87 436 4185
T:   +353 1 4154422

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