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Texture Analysis – how does texture affect the way we eat?

Crispy, slimy, gooey, velvety – there is a whole lexicon of words to describe the different textures of food products, reflecting our innate hunger for contrast and variety. The market for textured food products is thought to be worth millions of dollars, and getting a food’s texture wrong can result in lifelong disgust and rejection. However, when it comes to enjoying what we eat, the texture is often considered only secondary to taste and smell – but is this really fair?

Texture Analysis will be key to the full sensory experience 

The past few years have transformed consumer habits when it comes to food. A shifting political landscape, a global pandemic, and a cost-of-living crisis have altered how we evaluate our purchases, the times of day we eat and our perceptions of meal occasions.

The result is that consumers in 2023 will put more emphasis on the full sensory experience; from discovery, to purchase and prep and, of course, eating it. Therefore, the challenge for brands and suppliers is to cater to this changing sensibility. Furthermore, it is believed that an understanding of the sensory experience at every touchpoint will be vital to the sensory experience including taste, smell, sight, and texture among others.

Measuring the Texture of Foods 

The texture of food refers to those qualities that can be felt with the fingers, tongue, palate, or teeth. For example, foods have different textures, such as crisp crackers or potato chips, crunchy celery, hard candy, tender steaks, chewy chocolate chip cookies and sticky toffee, to name but a few.  Stable Micro Systems (SMS) is a world leader in texture analysis and their Texture Analysers deliver accurate, repeatable and quantifiable textural information.  Check out the range of Stable Micro Systems Texture Analysers here.

This article was first published in Stable Micro Systems User News ‘How does texture affect the way we eat?’  For the full article and additional information including links to the latest research.

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