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BUCHI Webinar: Protein & fat determination in plant-based foods

Buchi serve a wide range of industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food & beverage, feed, environmental analysis and academia.

How to test for the protein and fat content of plant-based meat and dairy alternatives

This webinar is now over.  If you would like to a specialist about the BUCHI solutions that are available to help you to determine protein and fat content of plant-based meat & dairy alternatives get in touch with one of our specialists today (details below).   

Join  food analytics experts from our partner BÜCHI for this  webinar, and  discover how to compliantly determine protein and fat in plant-based meat & dairy alternatives.

Learn about fully compliant processes that you can use to obtain reliable results.

On the day you will also have an exclusive opportunity to ask the experts your own question with a guaranteed answer.

Discover more about:
  • Complete workflow of the Kjeldahl method for protein determination
  • From sample to result: extraction techniques for fat determination
  • Differences between free and total fat determination in plant-based foods
  • Tips and tricks for optimizing your food analytics processes

For more information:

Michael Kervick is a sales manager with specialist knowledge of the BUCHI range of products and their applications.  Get in touch with Michael today if you would like further information on the BUCHI range of products.

Michael Kervick, Sales Manager at Mason Technology

Michael Kervick
Sales Manager for BUCHI, Lauda, Stable Micro Systems and Konica Minolta
E:      mkervick@masontec.ie 
M:     +353 87 223 1979
DD:   +353 1 4154439

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