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BUCHI K365 – the next generation in steam distillation

The latest steam distillation units from BUCHI, the BUCHI K365, are extremely accurate, ensure the sustainable use of resources and offer maximum safety during operation.  This truly modular system is available in two configurations meaning it will cater for every application and all budgets.

K-365 Dist line: Providing highest flexibility for every application
The BUCHI K365 Dist Line is extremely versatile and is designed for a broad range of analytes while offering the highest operational safety. The instruments perfectly fit your individual needs and enable the highest performance in the most flexible way.

Sample Parameters: Alcohol, essential oils, sulfite, cyanide, phenol, formaldehyde, volatile acids, VDKs, nitrogen (TKN, TVBN), nitrite, nitrite

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K-365 Kjel Line: Meeting the highest demands in nitrogen determination
BUCHI’s latest steam distillation units are extremely accurate, ensure the sustainable use of resources and offer maximal safety during operation. The instruments have been designed to fit your individual needs and to enable the highest performance in the most convenient way.

Sample Parameters: Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen, Total Volatile Basic Nitrogen, nitrate, nitrite

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BUCHI Kjel Line & Dist Line – Safety Sensor Technology
BUCHI Kjel Line & Dist Line – OnLevel Sensor
What’s new in the BUCHI K-365 Dist Line and Kjel Line?

OnLevel sensor (NEW)

The OnLevel sensor is available for all configurations where no titration vessel is mounted. The sensor stops the distillation automatically after a defined condensate volume is reached. The sensor can be easily set and adjusted manually via a magnetic backplate. Obtain reproducible condensate volumes independent of the system lifetime.

This is a major advantage when determining alcohol determinations.


Thanks to the AutoDist function, measurements are unaffected by temperature differences within the device. This function recognizes the start of the condensation process and adjusts the distillation start time automatically in the individual measurement. This is achieved with a built-in temperature sensor within the condensate vessel and leads to more reproducible results.


For more convenience and easier sample handling, we offer configurations with sample tube and receiver waste aspiration. This saves time and allows for smooth operation of the instrument

Reaction Detection Sensor (NEW)

The reaction detection sensor is available for MultiKjel configurations. It can save up to 30 % of NaOH reagent solution for the alkalization process so that you can work more cost-efficiently and environmentally friendly

Exceptional User Experience
The instruments can be easily incorporated into your lab, so that you can immediately use the instrument. The intuitive touch screen provides fast feedback and enables easy process handling. With StatusLight, the process can be easily monitored from a distance. Use of glass parts enables direct visibility of the steam distillation and titration, giving you better control of the process. These features combine to optimize user interaction, reduce operational risks and save time.

For more information:

Michael Kervick is a sales manager with specialist knowledge of the BUCHI range of products and their applications.  Get in touch with Michael today if you would like further information on the BUCHI range of products.

Michael Kervick
Sales Manager for BUCHI, Lauda, Stable Micro Systems and Konica Minolta
E:      mkervick@masontec.ie 
M:     +353 87 223 1979
DD:   +353 1 4154439

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