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Shimadzu OnDemand Webcast – Rationale behind the LCMS Q-TOF sustained stability of sub-ppm mass accuracy

Effortless Performance with the LCMS-9030 Q-TOF (Quadrupole Time-of-Flight Liquid Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer) 

High-resolution, accurate-mass (HRAM) mass spectrometers (MS) are a class of MS instrumentation with the capability to resolve complex sample matrix and to allow identification of compounds by measuring their accurate masses. Those coupled to liquid chromatograph (HRAM LC/MS) have been used extensively for structural elucidation of unknown compounds primarily in chemical industry (impurity analysis) and biological research (proteomics, metabolomics, lipidomics), but also increasingly in forensic science, food safety and environmental testing. Given the recent reduction of instrumentational cost, it will not take many more years until HRAM analysis becomes a versatile tool for all industries and research.

The key performance attribute underlying all application fields is mass measurement accuracy (MMA) as it affords molecular specificity and reduction of false positive results. MMA is given in the specification of HRAM instruments in parts-per-million (ppm), frequently stating a result of a set of representative measurements e.g., “<1 ppm RMS”. However, this by itself does not convey how repeatably and reproducibly this MMA can be achieved.

The webinar describes various metrics that are relevant to statistical interpretation of MMA, which explain why mass resolution of 30,000 is more than sufficient for mass measurement at sub-ppm accuracy. Using the Shimadzu LCMS-9030 quadrupole time-of-flight MS, the rationale and strength of instrument stability for consistently achieving sub-ppm MMA has been demonstrated in small molecules.

The discussion on the LCMS-9030 QTOF includes:

  • Impact of different parameters on MMA (Mass Measurement Accuracy)
  • Sources of systematic bias
  • Sources of non-systematic errors
  • The recording ends with a Q&A session held during the live streaming.

This webinar is presented by the Shimadzu Analytical & Measuring Instruments Division.

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