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Shimadzu OnDemand Webcast – Analysing Aromatics in Jet and Diesel Fuels using LC-RID

If you are worried about the future of ASTM D1319 as a testing method for fuel, are you aware of the LC-RID alternatives?

Analysis of the chemical components of fuels is critical to ensuring their quality, combustion characteristics, and compliance with environmental regulations. With uncertainty over the future of ASTM D1319, one of the most common industry test methods, laboratories are exploring alternatives, including ASTM D6379 (Aviation Fuels) and D6591 (Diesel Fuels) to quantify aromatics in jet and diesel fuels by HPLC.

The Scientific Instruments, Energy & Chemicals Team at Shimadzu have put together a short webinar that gives a background on the common industry test methods.

The recorded webinar offers insights into the common industry test methods for fuels including a discussion on:

  • Criticality of the jet and diesel chemical compounds analyses
  • Testing compliance and environmental regulations (EPA, FFA)
  • Alternatives of ASTM D1319
  • Analytical technologies employed by Shimadzu and superior resolving power of chromatographical system used

Overview of analytical techniques and the newest instrumentation used to monitor aromatics within jet and diesel fuels:

  • Liquid Chromatography system – Shimadzu LC-40
  • Refractive Index Detector (RID) – Shimadzu RID-20A

If you would like to read more about the analytical instrumentation from Shimadzu used for the analysis of fuels check our Mason Technology resources here:

For information on Shimadzu instrumentation: 

Sebastian Jurek is an application consultant with Mason Technology with specialist knowledge in the Shimadzu range of instrumentation.  Get in touch with Sebastian today if you would like further information on our range of Shimadzu products.

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