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CellDrop Automated Cell Counter awarded Platinum Seal of Quality

The DeNovix CellDrop™ Automated Cell Counter has been awarded the Platinum Seal of Quality by SelectScience.

DeNovix has become the first company to receive a second Platinum Seal of Quality for life science instrumentation. The CellDrop Automated Cell Counter follows the DS-11 Series Spectrophotometer / Fluorometer in receiving the top award based on the reviews of scientists from around the globe.

“CellDrop winning the Platinum Seal of Quality is a great testament to how its innovation and ease of use is improving cell counting workflow globally.” stated Fred Kielhorn, CEO of DeNovix. “We are proud to have so many customers that love the product for its performance and reduction in plastic waste.”

The Seal of Quality program recognises life science products that consistently receive the highest customer review ratings in categories such as ease of use, service and value for money. These awards identify products that deliver the greatest value and innovation to researchers around the world. The DeNovix CellDrop was awarded the Platinum Seal, after receiving hundreds of scientist reviews and an average rating of 4.9 / 5.0 stars.

Dr. Lois Manton-O’Byrne, Editor, said: ‘Congratulations to DeNovix on their second platinum Seal of Quality. This is a real testament to how much scientists love the DeNovix CellDrop™ cell counters and I would like to thank our reviewers for sharing their valuable opinions on how they use such a great product.’

The CellDrop Automated Cell Counter, available from Mason Technology, is a dual fluorescence and brightfield instrument that features DirectPipette™ Technology. This unique sample loading method eliminates the need for disposable slides, therefore reducing the plastic waste and ongoing costs associated with routine cell counting.

About CellDrop Cell Counters
The CellDrop Series is a line of image-based, automated cell counters that enable scientists to Count Cells Without Slides. Systems include a high definition 7 inch touchscreen for live preview and instant review of results. Pre-installed EasyApps® software includes applications for AO/PI, Brightfield, Trypan Blue and GFP and user customized methods. The software delivers rapid cell counts, viability reports and transfection efficiency assays. All instruments feature Wi-Fi, USB and Ethernet connectivity, allowing users to easily export data via email, network drives, network printers or USB drive. CellDrop automated cell counters are available in dual fluorescence and brightfield or brightfield only models.

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Patrick Healy is a sales manager in our General laboratory and Life Science department with specialist knowledge of the DeNovix range of products including cell counters, fluorometers, flouresence assay kits and spectrophotometers.  Get in touch with Patrick today if you would like further information.

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Sales Manager for General Laboratory & Life Science
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