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About Gas Chromatography (GC) – an Introduction

About Gas Chromatography (GC) – Theory & Principles – an Introduction

During the coming year, our partners Shimadzu, will share a monthly webinar on the topic of Gas Chromatography and we will make this available to you here.

The first webinar in the series, considers the fundamentals of GC.  Introducing you to the world of GC, this webinar is suited to anyone that is new to GC or has a knowledge of GC and would like a refresher of the fundamentals.

This first session will cover:

  • Principles of gas chromatography (GC)
  • Uses of GC
  • Hardware overview
  • Understanding of carrier gases.

If you are interested in getting more information on the analytical instrumentation offered by Mason Technology, check our Mason Technology resources for GC systems:

For information on Shimadzu instrumentation: 

Sebastian Jurek is an application consultant with Mason Technology with specialist knowledge in the Shimadzu range of instrumentation.  Get in touch with Sebastian today if you would like further information about Gas Chromatography or our range of Shimadzu products.

Sebastian-Jurek-application-consultant-with-Mason-TechnologySebastian Jurek
Application Consultant for Shimadzu Chromatography
E:      sjurek@masontec.ie
M:     +353 87 436 4185
T:   +353 1 4154422

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