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Celebrating an 80-year partnership with Edwards (1941 – 2021)

A letter dated the 4th of January 1940 from Edwards, a testament to our longstanding partnership.

Last year, Mason Technology marked 240 years in business – a remarkable achievement for a family-owned business. This year, we celebrate another significant milestone in our company history – our 80-year partnership with Edwards.

The success of a partnership that began in 1941 can, in part, be attributed to a shared commitment to quality.  Mason Technology is proud to be recognised as a supplier of high-quality products and services, and Edwards is known globally as a leading developer and manufacturer of innovative vacuum products.

Starting out as a new Edwards partner in 1941, our initial priority was growing the business and we focused our sales efforts on vacuum solutions for laboratories in Ireland’s universities and technical colleges.  Early success here gave us a platform to build upon and we looked for new markets to expand our reach.  Identifying an opportunity in the growing pharmaceutical sector, we were successful in winning several noteworthy projects for vacuum skids in pharma manufacturing sites.  However, highlights aren’t always where the numbers are and one of our most interesting sales was our first and only sale of a fingerprint coater into the Garda (Police) Headquarters in Dublin.  This was significant because this fingerprint coater helped in the successful prosecution of several high-profile murder cases.

Today, 80 years on, we supply vacuum products to companies in the nutrition and beverage, pharmaceutical and biopharma sectors, institutions in academia and research, and project management companies.  As a testament to our success, we have been appointed preferred supplier for vacuum products for several of our customers.

‘We enjoy a close working partnership with Edwards.  Over the years, we have brought customers to visit Edwards manufacturing sites in the UK and Czech Republic for site audits or factory acceptance tests and these visits have always been an extremely positive experience for both the customer and Mason Technology. Additionally, we benefit from the support of Edwards engineers on projects as required’

Vincent Mahon, Sales Manager – Edwards Vacuum

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